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I’m thinking about covering this…Mr George Moore has already nailed the piano part

Barcelona 2-3 Chelsea

I shall not gloat, I shall not boast. Instead I will bask silently in the inevitable glory that comes with being a Chelsea fan in the aftermath of that game…

This will be my last football post if I can help it. The blog’s supposed to be about the music. I’m shit at self-promotion x

50 million well spent

Et Ben Ouais, Grave Quoi, Paris C’etait Cool

Just got back from Paris, visiting the wonderful Matilda. It was so nice to just hang out and see everyone without the pressure of working. We went to lots of open mic nights, saw the phenomenal Gotye live at the Bataclan, walked the streets, ate snails for the first time, drank wine and chatted nonsense. She’s just finished her first script; a 20-minute short set in Provence. Had a really lovely ‘listening’ sesh with PH from the brilliant Natas Loves You. Check them out here www.youtube.com/watch?v=YZYSyx_GE5g

Generally great to get out of town and make the mind-blowingly quick journey across the way…


Le Pont de Arts - where lovers write on padlocks, lock them up and throw away the key…

the view from Le Pont des Arts

wrote a few lyrics atop Tilly’s roof. Fulfilling a Parisian cliché…

the amazing Gotye live at the Bataclan

of course they serve saucisson as a ‘bar-snack’ in Paris. Chopping board and steak knife included.

les p’tits escargots

Support Homegrown Talent

Please can everybody buy Gentleman’s Dub Club’s new EP Open Your Eyes for a mere £2.49 from itunes (that’s less than a London pint).


Oh what a night x

Oh what a night x

The Horn

Just got back from another amazing séjour down in LAastings where we put the finishing touches on a new song and rerecorded another. Mr James McMillan and Mr Rob Leake kindly provided trumpet and saxes respectively; the track will feature on my debut EP and will be out whenever that may be!

Rob Leake with an improvised music stand

the main man

my very practical Christmas present being put to good use

Went straight from the coast to Roast, a residency Luke and I have in Borough Market every Friday evening. It’s the opposite of a roast but serves lovely pig.

strategically-crafted shadow

Right need to catch my train to Paris…

Laters x x